for Stress Urinary Incontinence



Efemia has been evaluated in a randomised, controlled clinical trial.
The women who used Efemia achieved an average reduction in urine leakage of 77%.

Why is efemia so cost effective?

Efemia is the first bladder support device designed for 3 month’s use.
Unlike other devices that are designed for 30 days use,
Efemia offers significant cost savings as well as better outcomes and improved patient comfort.


Efemia Bladder Support

Efemia is a reusable vaginal insert made from medical grade silicone. It is intended to be used to temporarily alleviate involuntary urine leakage caused by stress incontinence.

Efemia is designed to support the mid-urethra through the vaginal wall. Its design also ensures correct positioning when it is used, without the aid of medical professionals or applicators.

Efemia can be used daily for up to 16 hours or on occasions where one expects to leak.

Introductory Offer

Until the end of January we are offering the

Starter Pack at the initial price of £49.99

Try the Starter Pack first

If you’re new to Efemia our starter pack includes all three sizes. You will quickly find which is most comfortable for you 30mm/35mm/40mm. 

If you already know your size

Once you’ve found the right size, just pick from the drop down to select and complete the order.


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Efemia Bladder Support – Trial Pack

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Find the right size – buy a start-up set

Efemia is available in 3 sizes on the supporting rings: 30 mm, 35 mm and 40 mm. All other parts have the same dimensions. If you are uncertain, it is simply best to try your way and start with a small size. Get the trial pack with all 3 sizes so you can try out the right size at home in peace and quiet.

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Efemia Bladder Support

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Efemia continence support is uniquely designed to reduce urine leakage during exertion. The product supports the middle of the urethra via the abdominal wall and is designed to remain in place and function, even during movement. Efemia is made of soft, comfortable and flexible silicone.

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